Mooloo Mountain Produce & Saddlery

Mooloo Mountain Produce & Saddlery in Glenwood stocks a wide range of animal feeds and landscaping materials. They offer great service and will often go the extra mile to assist you with any queries.

They offer Card carrying members of Glenwood Wildlife Aware 10% of selected bird feeds.

Contact them on this number :

Or Find them here.

Adapt Support and Mentoring Service

Adapt Support and Mentoring Service provides personalised one-on-one support to suit your needs and they understand the importance of connection to community and environment. They will support you to develop and maintain the skills you need to live well and engage in activities of your choice. 

Contact them here.

Fraser Coast Regional Council

Our local council, the Fraser Coast Regional Council, has been a major benefactor and supported us through two separate grants.

Thanks to the first grant, we were able to procure computer equipment, which has become the lifeblood of our organization, enabling us to operate seamlessly and efficiently.

The second grant assisted us in acquiring state-of-the-art wildlife spotting equipment. These resources now play an important role in discovering and continuously monitoring our precious local wildlife. We take immense pride in being at the forefront of preserving and safeguarding rare species in our region, including:

  • Duckbilled Platypus (first spotted by Adrian Moore)
  • Regent Honeyeater (first spotted by Wayne Reinke )
  • Glossy Black Cockatoo (first spotted by Wayne Reinke)

We owe a heartfelt gratitude to Phil Truscott, whose guidance has not only pointed us to the potential of these grants but has also clarified the entire application process. Without his expertise, we would not have embarked on this journey of transforming our vision into reality.

Tony Perrett

We are thrilled to extend our gratitude to Tony Perrett, for his sponsorship of our group’s latest addition – a gazebo that can be used at public events.

With Tony’s generous support, our organization has been able to enhance our visibility at outdoor activities and events, allowing us to engage further and connect with members and supporters.

Contact Tony here.