About us

Glenwood (QLD) Wildlife Awareness exists for members of Glenwood and Surrounding Communities interested in Wildlife. Our activities include:

  • Supporting Wildlife Projects
  • Assisting in the development of various wildlife corridors
  • To assist wildlife in Glenwood and the surrounding area.
  • To help residents in Glenwood and the surrounding area in wildlife identification and education of wildlife needs.
  • To gather information on wildlife species and identify areas in Glenwood where local wildlife needs help.

We will collect, collate and distribute as much wildlife information as possible.

We are an Incorporated organisation. Here are some important details about us:

  • Incorporation Number: IA 4614781
  • ABN: 82846755277
  • Our Constitution can be downloaded here
  • Our member’s Code of Conduct can be downloaded here
  • Download an election proxy form here
  • Download a nomination form here