Wildlife Database

Please assist us in reporting any wildlife matters. We have developed an online form that will enable you to capture any wildlife observations.  This should make it easy for you to share your experiences of the wildlife in and around Glenwood.  So, if you see any wildlife, be they injured or happily frolicking around – take a photo and share it with us. If you cannot take a photo, describe what you have seen.

Please use this link to access the online application or scan the QR code below.

You will need a username and a password to log in. If you don’t have one, you have two options:
We prefer that you request your own username and password here.

Username: concerned@whereabouts.biz
Password: ConcernedPublic

Note – the email address above is NOT for email communication and will fail if you send an email to it. It is purely to allow people to enter our application anonymously.

Finally, we don’t have a full help file for the database yet, but this presentation should be helpful if you want an overview of the functionality.

WIldlife Database